2022 Tour

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Tour information for this summer (14–21 August 2022) is given below, together with the main items we will be singing.  We extend a warm welcome to anyone to join us for one or more (or all!) of these services, which begin at 6pm (18:00 hours) each day.

Tuesday 16 August: Wimborne St Giles
Introit – Where shall wisdom be found (Peter Moger)
Canticles – in D (Edward Bairstow)
Anthem – The Lord is my shepherd (Lennox Berkeley)

Wednesday 17 August: All Saints, Wyke Regis
Introit – Come, Holy Spirit (Brian Chapple)
Canticles – in C (Bryan Kelly)
Anthem – Sing we merrily (Sidney Campbell)

Thursday 12 August: St Nicholas, Moreton
Introit – Jesu, salvator saeculi (John Sheppard)
Canticles – Fauxbourdon Service I (Jeremy Jackman)
Anthem – O gracious light (Stephen Caracciolo)

Friday 13 August: Holy Trinity, Stourpaine
Introit – Let thy merciful kindness (John Blow)
Canticles – in A (William Turner)
Anthem – O God, thou hast cast us out (Henry Purcell)

Saturday 14 August: Wimborne Minster
Introit – Come Holy Ghost, our souls inspire (Barry Ferguson)
Canticles – Second Evening Service (Kenneth Leighton)
Anthem – Benedicite in G (Francis Jackson)

With psalms, readings, hymns and prayers for the day.

Join us for the beautiful, meditative service of Choral Evensong:
Ancient words – Prayers for today – Timeless music 

Click here for a list of churches where we have sung Choral Evensong since 1991

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