Our admin team

The day-to-day work of Laudemus is done by an administrator, Marianne Barton (a founder-member of the group). She is supported by two Dorset-based musicians, trustee Peter Cook (below left) and singer Elizabeth Sweetnam (below right), who search out likely churches to host our Choral Evensong tour each year, and liaise with local church officers.

Laudemus is constituted as a charitable trust (registered charity number 1111081) governed by a trustee body comprising five people: Peter Cadogan, Peter Cook, Julia Harrison-Place, Michael Mortimer (chair), and Paul Reid.

Although a very small organisation, Laudemus! takes its responsibilities as a registered charity seriously. Its operations are governed by its original Trust document and by a set of policies including financial management, risk and safeguarding. These policies can be viewed here (opens in a new window).

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Registered address and address for correspondence:

Upper Mill House, Millswood Lane, Chalford, Gloucestershire GL6 8FY
email  laudemus@aol.com
telephone  01453 883247

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